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Wash Your Pup Stress-Free With This Dog Shower Sprayer

by rinseroos Admin
Wash Your Pup Stress-Free With This Dog Shower Sprayer

You might be looking for a dog shower sprayer that would relieve you from the stress that comes with bathing a hyperactive dog.

To help you on that end, why not try Rinseroo?

Though, if you’re not sure whether that’s a good course of action, then don’t worry.

This article will discuss how Rinseroo might just be the dog sprayer for shower that you’re looking for.

Reasons Why You Might Need A Dog Shower Sprayer
1) They Make Bathing A Lot Easier.

If you’re usually using a pail and dipper to bathe your pup, then it must be a struggle to constantly bend down to scoop the water from the pail and wash your dog.

Or, worse yet, you might have been out of breath a couple of times, having to refill your pail with water midway through bath time.

You can ease the pain a whole lot by using a dog sprayer for showers and other water sources.

What’s more, these sprayers help you aim at areas that you’ve been having a hard time cleaning in the past just because the angle made it difficult.

You only have to aim and shoot and the showerhead with a dog sprayer will clean the area for you.

2) They're Safe For Your Furbabies.

One of the greatest perks of using a dog shower sprayer is that you and your furbaby can now get comfortable on a flat surface during bath time.

Instead of endlessly worrying about the possibility that your pup will slip on the smooth, enclosed surface of your shower or sink, you can rest easy that they will remain safe.

A comfortable pup is a calm pup, which makes bathing much easier and stress-free.

You can still control the water flow this way and avoid getting water all over the place. In fact, the next reason will talk more about how you can actually save water.

3) They're Water-Efficient And A Money-Saver.

Most dog shower sprayers have a function that lets you control the flow of the water from the sprayer.

You might have already experienced the struggle of controlling your strength and the dipper’s angle just to get the right flow on certain areas of your Fido’s body.

For example, the head requires a more gentle water flow than, say, the dog’s back, right?

A simple flick of a built-in switch in a dog shower sprayer will help you achieve that specific flow without putting yourself under too much stress.

If they don’t have that switch, there’s always the option of controlling the flow from the water source, such as the faucet, until it suits your needs.

If you can control the water flow, you can control your water consumption. This means that you’re saving more money than the usual pail and dipper strategy.

3 Things That Make Rinseroo A Great Dog Sprayer For Showers And Faucets.
1) Rinseroo Is Easy To Use And Gives You Better Control.

What makes Rinseroo really easy to use is that it’s a slip-on shower attachment hose that eliminates the need to install a handheld showerhead.

This dog shower sprayer’s other end is a patent-pending self-sealing elastomer connector that’s super elastic and will stretch 10 times its original resting state.

You can easily stretch and attach the other end of Rinseroo to any running water source, such as a faucet or shower, and use it as you wish.

Another thing is that it lets you control the sprayer however you want with your hands.

Other shower heads that don’t have a handheld function may make it really hard to control the angle of the sprayer.

If you want to control the water flow, you can just turn on the faucet as much as you want. It’s easy, efficient, and can even be attached to faucets of any size.

2) Rinseroo Is Eco-Friendly.

An average American shower uses around 17.2 gallons of water for every eight-minute shower. But, you can lessen this amount to about a gallon per minute with the help of this dog shower sprayer.

So not only are you contributing to saving the world’s water resources, but you’re also putting money aside for rainy days.

3) Rinseroo Is Easy To Replace.

Sometimes, it’s easier to change a shower head with dog sprayer than to install a handheld showerhead from scratch.

Despite that, the Rinseroo dog shower sprayer is an undeniably worthwhile investment since it’s as easy to detach as repairing a light bulb.

If even one side of the Rinseroo slip-on shower attachment hose needs fixing, you can simply replace and reattach it to the whole system. You don’t need to use complicated tools like pliers or wrenches.

How To Hook Up A Detachable Sprayer To Your Shower Head Dog Bath?

First and foremost, you have to make sure that you have all the materials you need at arm's length. You don’t want the hassle of needing to look for a tool or a sprayer part in the middle of attaching things.

For Rinseroo, all you have to prepare are the slip-on shower attachment hose and the showerhead since you won’t need any tools.

If your existing dog shower attachment is still on the showerhead, remove it using an appropriate tool.

This makes it easier to replace the old with the new dog shower sprayer.

If needed, you can also use a thread seal tape to prevent leaks and strengthen the attachment.

For Rinseroo, you simply pull the connector off the showered or sink to detach the head and the shower sprayer. Reattaching the whole thing goes the same way.

You can also check out the complete directions for using a Rinseroo if you need more information.

However, it would be best to follow the manual that usually comes with your detachable shower sprayer, especially if what you’re using is not as easy to disassemble as Rinseroo.

So, About Your Rinseroo Dog Shower Attachment Hose...

Bathing your adorable furbaby has never been this easy before, all thanks to the Rinseroo.

This dog shower sprayer attachment does not only let you target relatively challenging angles. It also helps you save a lot of time and money.

You won’t have a hard time fixing or replacing this, too, since it’s as easy as counting 1-2-3.

If you still need more convincing information, feel free to browse our other articles, like our buyer’s guide on the best pet shower sprayers.

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