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Why Rinseroo®

You’re Going To Love Your Rinseroo®!

  • Rinse your entire shower or tub in seconds
  • Worlds fastest and most versatile rinser/cleaner
  • Less messy than bucket rinsing
  • Slips on and off in seconds
  • Reaches every corner of the shower/tub
  • More cost effective than a handheld shower-head (you only need one)
  • No installation required
  • Allows you to direct the spray of water wherever you want it to go
  • Easily wet walls before scrubbing
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Things You Can Do With A Rinseroo®!

  • Use in showers, tubs and sinks
  • Rinse shower walls, pets, babies, houseplants, screens, dirty boots
  • Assisted bather for the elderly or disabled
  • Rinse hair, babies, pets in sink
  • Fill a fish tank or portable washing machine
  • Fill a bucket from a sink
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"You'll never Rinse, clean or Bathe With a bucket again!"