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About rinseroo

NEW, the Rinseroo is a must-have rinsing and cleaning tool for your home. It’s connector is made of super-elastic thermoplastic and stretches up to 10 times it original size without ripping. Boasting a patent-pending, slip-on design, in just seconds, it converts your showerhead or faucet into a cleaning and rinsing machine!

The Rinseroo is not only fun to use, you’ll also find that it’s effective and efficient! You will love the fact that you can rinse the shower without getting wet and that you can rinse your dog wherever and whenever you like.

Say goodbye to the messy and backbreaking chore of rinsing your shower walls or pet with a bucket. We challenge you to “Kick the Bucket” and experience the joy of rinsing with a Rinseroo!

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ready. set. rinse!

  • Easy slip-on, slip-off design
  • Fits most shower heads, spigots and faucets
  • Lightweight, compact, portable (fits in your cleaning caddy)
  • Mid-hose connector allows quick conversion for sink use
  • Moves from shower to shower with ease
  • No installation required
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How TO Use

The Rinseroo temporarily attaches to your shower head or faucet via a stretchy connector and comes with a 6 foot hose. (It also quickly converts to a 3 foot hose for use in a sink whenever needed)

  • Slip the Rinseroo over the showerhead or faucet BEFORE turning on the water.
  • Pull the stretchy connector up over the showerhead or faucet as much as possible.
  • The Rinseroo works best when the water from the showerhead or faucet is streaming directly into the hose.
  • Turn the water on.
  • Rinse away!


  • Detach bottom of the hose from the mid-hose connector.
  • Slip stretchy connector over sink faucet.
  • Roll the connector down over itself until you have a snug fit.
  • Turn on water and rinse.
  • Reattach bottom of hose when needed for other tasks.