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rinsing re-invented with rinseroo® !

Rinsing, cleaning and bathing has never been so easy! Just rinse and roll!

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Choose the Rinseroo® that’s right for you

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ready. set. rinse!

  • Easy Slip-on, Slip-off Designs
  • Fits Most Shower Heads and Faucets
  • Lightweight, Compact, Portable
  • Use All Around the House
  • No Installation Required

Hundreds of Thousands Sold!

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Welcome to Rinseroo®

At Rinseroo, we create problem solving tools for your home and our products are designed to make your life just a bit easier. Our patented slip-on connectors stretch up to 5 times their original size and instantly convert showerheads and faucets into rinsing, cleaning and bathing machines!

Our customers love their no-install designs and use them all around the house. There are so many things that you can do with a Rinseroo! You may love the fact that you can clean the shower without getting wet or that you can bathe your dog whenever you please.

Say goodbye to the messy and backbreaking chore of rinsing your shower walls or pet with a bucket. We challenge you to “Kick the Bucket” and experience the joy of rinsing with a Rinseroo!

Peek at that Stretch!

Rinseroos® are making

The perfect shower attachment for your pet


#1 Hot new release


A Must-have before adopting a dog


Feel-good cleaning find


A really useful Product


A great gift for a pet


Saves your sanity and makes cleaning quicker!


Beyond useful


A discover what’s next product

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25 Things You Can Do With a Rinseroo®

Rinseroo products temporarily attach to your showerhead, sink or tub faucet via a stretchy connector. Be sure to remove your Rinseroo after each use.

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  • Clean a shower
  • Water flowers
  • Fill a bucket from a sink
  • Shower the elderly
  • Bathe a dog
  • Use as a personal bather
  • Fill a portable washing machine
  • Fetch water while camping
  • Wash hair in a sink
  • Fill water jugs
  • Give baby a bath
  • Attach to a garden hose
  • Wash sand off feet
  • Fill a mop bucket
  • Rinse dirty screens
  • Travel with it
  • Rinse dirty boots
  • Easily rinse jacuzzi tub
  • Bathe post surgery
  • Clean shower glass
  • Bathe while sitting
  • Rinse body parts post injury
  • Fill a fish tank
  • Attach to a thread-less water source
  • Fill kiddie pool with warm water

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews!

I love cleaning my showers with the Rinseroo! I used to use a bucket which was really annoying!
icon Jake Ryan College Student, Tallahassee, FL
Problem Solver
I have a handheld shower in my master bath but always had issues rinsing the shower in my spare bathroom. I didn't want to spend the time or money installing another handheld. I got a Rinseroo. Problem solved!
icon Kris Cauda Hillsborough, NJ
Works Great
I used to spray cleaning solution on the walls, scrub, and then use my hands to splash water on them. It’s a huge timesaver and works great.
icon Carolyn Favorito San Clemente, CA

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