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7 Reasons You Need A Handheld Showerhead

by rinseroos Admin
7 Reasons You Need A Handheld Showerhead
While You Might Not Think About Showerheads Every Day, Having A Handheld One Can Really Change Your Life. From Everyday Cleaning Projects To Reducing Slips And Falls, Having A Handheld Showerhead Makes Life Easier, Safer, And More Fun.

The average shower lasts about eight minutes. In one study, 100 families took 2,600 showers over a ten-day span. That's a lot of gallons of water and can add up to quite a bit of time spent in showers daily. These showerheads offer an easy way to conserve both water and energy without sacrificing water pressure for eco-conscious people are the perfect solution for both personal and household cleaning.

However, if that's not reason enough, here are seven reasons why you should get a handheld showerhead.

7 Reasons You Should Get A Handheld Showerhead

With the constant pressure of daily life, adding extra time to already daunting chores can quickly make these tasks stressful. For example, bathing the kids. When they cooperate, it's great, but when they don't... well, let's just say it's not pretty.

Keep Your Shower Sparkling Clean

Hauling out the bucket, rags, cleaners, and more can be a chore and a half. However, because a handheld showerhead isn't stuck to the wall, it can make cleaning more accessible than ever.

Cleaning your shower with a handheld showerhead can be as easy as spraying on cleaner and just rinsing it off the walls. While it may seem like installing one could be a waste of time, but if you clean your shower twice a month, and it saves you even 2 hours, that's 4 hours every month that you can free up. Netflix binge, anyone?

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Create A Spa-Like Environment

Having a handheld showerhead can make your bath or shower feel like a spa. Basically, a handheld showerhead can allow you to focus on specific areas of your back and body that you may not be able to reach with a traditional showerhead.

Furthermore, many have adjustable settings that can help to ease muscle pain. Add some essential oil to the tub for a sensual experience. And finally, no more struggling to rinse your hair or feet.

Clean Pets And Kids Easier Than Ever

There is nothing harder to clean than a struggling child or pet. A handheld showerhead makes bath time easy rather than fighting with holding them and pouring a cup over them to rinse them. Plus, you can rinse them down entirely after shampooing and conditioning.

Because taking pets to a groomer can be a costly endevor having a handheld showerhead can not only save you money but a struggle as well. Not all dogs enjoy car rides, and being able to bathe them at home can make bath day fun.

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The average American shower uses about 17.2 gallons over the average 8-minute shower. However, having a low-flow handheld showerhead can help reduce that by more than a gallon per minute.

Furthermore, this can help keep your water bill lower. You are saving money and water all while keeping your shower easy to use.

Does installing a new showerhead sound complicated? Rinseroo is the easy way to turn any shower into a handheld showerhead. No tools or special equipment is needed. Shop Now.

Better Control For The Elderly

Shower slips are a leading cause of broken bones in the elderly. Having a handheld showerhead can be a great way to help with safety. Because as you can use the handheld showerhead, you can move the showerhead rather than your entire body.

Some even have adjustable handles that can slide down the hose. Furthermore, installing an adjustable shower head is an excellent way for aging individuals to remain independent in their lifestyles.

Handheld showerheads often can stretch between three and six feet, allowing even seated persons to be able to bathe themselves. These showerheads also make it easier for caregivers to wash patients.

Makes Cleaning Easy

From rinsing off shower walls to filling buckets, handheld showerheads make it easy to clean your entire house. Furthermore, if your handheld showerhead is easily detachable, like Rinseroo, you can easily take it outside and use it to clean a variety of things.

Easier To Replace Or Fix

Sometimes changing a showerhead is more complicated than setting up an entire website. However, handheld showerheads are a worthwhile investment because they are often as easy to change as swapping out a light bulb. Even better, these showerheads offer a lot of options when it comes to fixing broken parts.

Because handheld showerheads are more portable, it’s often easier to access the part that needs to be fixed easier. These also make it easier for you to clean the showerhead.

How Easy Rinseroo Is To Install

Rinseroo is a fun and perfect way to turn any shower into a handheld. It's easily installed by slipping the silicone end over any showerhead while it's turned off. That's it!

No tools are required to install Rinseroo. It’s also easy to remove if you ever want to turn your showerhead back into a regular one.

Rinseroo simply turns any shower into the best shower ever!

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If you are looking for a way to make your shower more accommodating, consider installing a handheld showerhead. This is the perfect solution if you have pets or kids who need assistance in cleaning themselves or if you do not want to lug around heavy buckets of water when mopping the floors.

It also makes it easier for those with mobility issues to keep their independence, reducing bending and lifting. Plus, using less water can be good for anyone’s wallet!

Turn your shower into your favorite shower with Rinseroo. Shop Now.

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