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Rinseroo® is proud to be a "Discover What's Next" innovative product

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What size shower head/faucet do your Rinseroos fit?

That depends on which Rinseroo you choose.

  • Our Original Rinseroo Shower/Sink Hose will fit showerheads and sinks up to 4” in diameter.
  • Our Rinseroo Jumbo for Showers only will fit wider shower heads from 4-7” in diameter.
  • Our Tub Hose will stretch up to 3” in diameter.

Why can’t I leave my Rinseroo attached between uses?

Our connectors are made of a biodegradable TPR rubber. They will start to disintegrate if left attached to a shower head or faucet. Remove promptly after each use to maintain the life of your connector.

Do Rinseroos stay on without a clamp?

Generally, yes. Our Rinseroo shower version comes with a Velcro strap if needed and the tub version has two Velcro straps to help secure it to the tub spout.

How do I re-attach the connector if it comes off?

Copy and paste this short video into your browser to see how to reconnect it:


Will the Rinseroo fit over my square tub faucet or a spout with diverter?

The tub version will, yes. Please don’t try to attach a shower version to your tub spout, the water pressure will overpower it and you will not be happy~!

When attaching the Rinseroo to a tub spout with a diverter, double roll the connector down onto itself to create a snug fit and better protect it from puncture by the diverter.

Will the Rinseroo fit a jacuzzi tub faucet?

The tub version will, yes.

What is the smallest faucet/sink that a Rinseroo will fit on?

If you are trying to attach a Rinseroo to a small tub faucet or sink faucet, roll the connector down onto itself to create a snug fit. The shower version will fit sink faucets as narrow as a ½ inch in diameter this way. (Just be sure to purchase the correct Rinseroo for the task at hand)

How long are the hoses?

The Rinseroo shower/sink version has a 6 foot hose (two three foot pieces) you can detach the bottom half to shorten the hose to 3 feet for use in a sink.

The jumbo Rinseroo has a 6 foot hose.

The tub version has a 5 foot hose.

Can I extend the length of my Rinseroo?

Yes. You can extend the length of the shower/sink version and jumbo version by adding our 2.5” extension part. (*for sale on this website) The extension parts can be linked together to create a hose that suits your needs.

If you need to extend the length of your tub version, you can add a standard garden hose. (*the spray head end is threaded)

Which Rinseroo works best on a sink faucet?

The Rinseroo shower/sink version works best on a sink. Be sure to roll the connector down onto itself to create a snug fit.

Will the Rinseroo rip or tear?

Our Rinseroos  are made with durable TPR rubber but they don’t last forever. You will need to remove the Rinseroo after each use to help with its longevity. The connectors are biodegradable and if you leave them attached, they will start to disintegrate. The shower/sink version and jumbo versions come with spare connectors and we sell the parts only if you need to replace them.

Does the Rinseroo need to be installed?

No. Our patented connectors are designed to slip on and off in seconds. Please be sure to remove them after each use or they may start to disintegrate. They are biodegradable.

Can the water flow be turned off while using?

No. The water needs to continue to flow thru the Rinseroo. If the water is stopped, the back pressure will cause the connector to bubble.

Can the Rinseroo be used to bathe a person that is seated in the shower?

All Rinseroos work with gravity. If you need to bath while seated in the shower, we recommend using a Rinseroo that is attached to your showerhead. Such as the shower/sink version or jumbo version. You can attach a tub version to a shower head but it will only fit a shower head that is 3” wide or smaller. (The tub version has a spray head, the shower versions have spouts.)

Will the Rinseroo work well if it is attached to a faucet with high water pressure?

No. Rinseroos work best when water flow can be adjusted.

What is your return policy?

If you are not happy with your Rinseroo, you can return it with no questions asked within 30 days. We also have a very generous 90 day parts replacement warranty.

How wide is the inner diameter of my Rinseroo hose?

The shower/sink hose inner diameter is 5/8” and the inner diameter of the tub version hose is ¾” wide.