Rinseroo is making headlines!

Beyond being useful for washing pets, the easy-to-use dog wash hose attachment is also useful for cleaning the walls of a shower, rinsing dirty laundry or boots, as well as offering assistance for bathing babies or the elderly.

This problem-solving product for many pet owners has the potential to save many the uncomfortable task of repeatedly filling cups or buckets to thoroughly wash a dog.

The Rinseroo is the perfect shower attachment for your pets.

Perfect for washing dogs and cleaning up their messes without having to fill buckets over and over.

A slip-on shower attachment to make routine bath time a calm, contained event.

With the Rinseroo you can now reach all the nooks and crannies of your shower ensuring it's as squeaky clean as you when you walk out.

Save your sanity and making cleaning quicker with the Rinseroo!