Welcome to rinseroo 

Meet Lisa Lane, the creator of Rinseroo. Better yet, meet her family who summers together at the Jersey Shore and meet the four family dogs who also share the crowded space.

The Problem?

With a large family, four dogs and a constant barrage of guests, the beach house bathrooms were always dirty. The showers and tubs were in constant use and cleaning them (and the dogs) was a hassle. Bucket rinsing  the shower walls was messy and time consuming and no one wanted to invest the time or money to install hand-held showerheads in each of the bathrooms.

The initial solution to keeping the bathrooms clean was to use the outdoor shower only. In theory, it was a great idea but the line for the outdoor shower was always long and the hot water didn't last long. (*See photo)

The Solution:

Lisa set out to make shower and tub cleaning and rinsing quick and easy and that’s when the Rinseroo was born.

Today, the Rinseroo is used to clean and rinse in all of the showers, tubs and sinks in the house. The shower walls are clean and sparkly. The dogs are white and fluffy and NO ONE rinses with a cup or bucket!

The Lane family hopes that a Rinseroo finds its way into your home so that you too can experience the joy of rinsing and cleaning with one.