What are Americans actually doing in their showers?

When you consider that only 34 percent of Americans live in single family homes, according to the National Multi Housing Council, not everyone has an indoor utility sink or access to an outdoor hose. For many, the shower becomes the best (and only) solution when we need access to water.

Knowing those statistics, it no wonder that more than half of US households use their showers for more than just washing up. According to a recent study by Delta Faucet, more than just traditional shower items such as shampoo, body wash, razors and loofah sponges are making their way into our showers.

If Americans aren’t just “showering” in their showers, what, exactly, are we doing in them? According to market research, these are the top items that make it into our showers. Turns out that, they too, are heading in for a good rinsing!

boots (work boots are actually the #1 item)


window screens




There are over 110 million households in the US with an estimated 220 million showerheads, most of which are fixed showerheads with no hose. So, the question is, if so many of us need the shower to rinse so many things, how do we effectively rinse them if we only have access to a fixed showerhead?

Some opt to use a bucket and fill it over and over. Another option is to purchase and install a handheld showerhead but that can be time consuming and expensive (especially if we have more than one shower)

Another new option is to use a Rinseroo. (Rinseroo.com) It temporarily slips on to your showerhead and can be used to rinse shower walls and create a squeaky-clean shower. It can also help to rinse and clean just about anything in the shower. One Rinseroo can be used to rinse and clean in all bathrooms of the home and it doesn’t require installation. It’s a slip-on rinser.

Simply slip-it-on, rinse, and then move on to the next shower, sink or tub. It is quite a time saver and works well.