Rinseroo in the News!

Rinseroo in the News!

Written by: Sarah Kirton on Jul 20th, 2022

Rinseroo 2022: Kick the Bucket

Lisa Lane, Founder of Rinseroo, chats with DeliveryRank and describes how this amazing rinsing contraption works and what a difference it can make to any household.

How long did it take between the conception and creation of Rinseroo?

I was in my shower when I had my aha moment and knew what I wanted to create. I would say that it took two years from concept to fruition. I had no idea how to develop an idea into a product so it took a little time. We launched in 2019.

What challenges did you face in the production and marketing of Rinseroo?

I had absolutely no background at all in e-commerce or product sourcing and development. This was a huge challenge. It was also difficult figuring out how to make it happen – coming up with an idea and having a product to sell. Researching the right company to source from was also a challenge.

Luckily we teamed up with a company called The Grommet. They identify products that have potential from companies like ours – small in size and just starting out. They order from us and advertise the products on their website and as they have thousands of “followers”, help market your product and get it out there.

At the same time, BuzzFeed picked us up, and once it was live on BuzzFeed we had orders flooding in as you can imagine. This helped us launch and, in addition, to rank on Amazon.

In terms of durability, how tough is Rinseroo and what is it made from?

The hose is very durable and made from flexible PVC. We also have a rubber connector which is a slip-on shower connector. We tell people not to use it on the tub spout as there’s no control over water pressure (in the US, on a shower head there’s regulated water pressure). On a tub spout, the pressure may be too high and force the connector to burst off the spout.

We also sell replacement connectors on Amazon, as these do wear out in time, similar to sponges.

Does Rinseroo fit all shapes and sizes of faucets?

It’ll fit a shower head up to a maximum of six inches in diameter and also fits very narrow sinks. I would say the range is from half an inch to six inches in diameter.

One of my dreams is for a longer Rinseroo to reach my plants on the balcony – any suggestions?

We’ve been in business for three years and based on feedback like this, we’re in the process of developing new products. We’ll have a Rinseroo that’ll connect to an outdoor hose bib and will be able to connect to your sink and an outdoor hose – you can even connect the regular garden hose – and use it on your balcony to water your plants.

Some people are looking to fill a kiddie pool with warm water so theoretically, if you can attach the Rinseroo to your sink, you can fill the pool outside with warm water from your tap. These products are fully developed. We’re just waiting on shipment so I would say in a couple of months' time.

Where can we buy your product?

You can purchase our product directly from Rinseroo.com and it’s available on Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, Walmart.com, Chewy.com... We’re not yet able to ship our product internationally but we’re working on this too.

Want to find out more about Rinseroo, visit https://rinseroo.com/

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