Expert cleaners agree! Shower walls should be rinsed after being cleaned.

Experts agree. Shower walls should be rinsed after cleaning.

We LOVE reading shower rinsing and cleaning tips and we especially enjoy sharing tips from cleaning industry experts. 

According to Jenny Botero, resident manager of the 697-room Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia, the most important step in keeping your bathroom clean is to be sure to rinse your shower walls.

What happens if you don’t rinse your walls?

The chemicals in cleansers are designed to attract soil and particles, she points out. If you don't rinse after spraying your cleanser, dirt is going to stick to it and build up and "be even more troublesome."

What is the best way to rinse your shower walls? 

A Rinseroo is a slip-on hose that temporarily attaches to your showerhead and allows you to rinse cleansers off of shower walls quickly and easily. If you don't have one, be sure to stock your cleaning caddy with one. The Rinseroo is also commonly used for shampooing hair or bathing pets, it's inexpensive and makes everyone’s least favorite rinsing chores more tolerable.